Meruvian Governmental Organizations and Locations

Meruvian Deliberative

Meruvia’s ruling body consisting of representatives of the 13 dominions, oversea protectorates, and the church. Ruled by the National Unity Party under Prime Minister Thibaud Fouquet.

Office of Meruvian Intelligence (OMI), or “All-Seeing Eye"

Agency responsible for national security issues including intelligence gathering. Classic Spy Agency with a license to kill. Butts heads with the DOB and SF0 over jurisdictional. It is said that they have eyes and ears throughout creation and learn of plots before they have even been completed.

The Dominion Oversight Bureau (DOB)

Responsible for criminal investigations and domestic security and counterintelligence. Carries a broad mandate to protect and serve the realm. Focuses more on Divine Terrorists and enemy agents than criminal enterprises. Views both OMI and SF0 as extralegal entities who see themselves above the law. The DOB would love to bust either organization for illegal activities, but are specifically forbidden from interfering with either thanks to the directive of the Meruvian Deliberative.

Strike Force Zero

Highly funded and well equiped force with a mandate to hunt out and eliminate Supernatural Threats. Despite their primarily mortal compliment, their high tech equipment and ruthlessness make them feared by rogue gods and god-blooded everywhere. View OMI and DOB as annoying older brothers who can’t get the job done.

The Immaculate Church

The most commonly practiced religion in Meruvia. Monotheistic. Doctrine claims an omnipotent God
shaped Creation from Chaos millennia ago, then redeemed humanity with the death and resurrection of the wisest of his seven sons the Phoenix Angel, emerald-eyed Lucien. Apocalypse and eternal reward play a large role in the many denomination’s teachings. Other gods and incarnea are treated as trickster spirits. Dangerous and not to be trusted. Notable religious icons associated with the Immaculate Church include the One True God, the Phoenix Angel, and Sister Cecilia.

Guin Regional Prison

Maximium Security Prison home to the most dangerous supernatural inmates in Meruvia.

Blessed Isle Defense Aerospace Command (BIDAC)

Meruvian Nuclear High Command

Meruvian Organizations and Institutions


Meruvia’s most prestigious academic institution, home of advanced research including the development of the Dragon Blooded program. Specializes in Science and Engineering.


Renowned biotech firm responsible for breakthroughs in a number of fields including polymers, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Uniquely pan-cultural, it has branch offices and subsidiaries in a dozen countries across creation. Espouses using research for the betterment of all man and for a brighter tomorrow. Widely seen in the media as the poster child for responsible business practices.

Meruvian Zaibatsu

Cathak Acquisitions and Holding Company LLC

Cathak Acquisitions and Holding Company LLC has subsidiaries and branch offices across Meruvia and in most of Meruvian client states. The company has invested in a variety of different ventures, from agriculture to manufacturing to high-motic research, Cathak businesses are known for their rigid policies, powerful corporate lawyers, and a centralized profit distribution system. The vast majority of each subsidiaries profits are sent directly to the main firm who then distribute funding according to their own goals and objectives. While this has led to an overall increase in successful investments, it has also lead to mild discontent, especially among the larger distant subsidiaries , who’ve begun to have “unexpected” expenses.

Cynis Consortium

Originally a powerful agricultural conglomerate, the decline in chattle slave-based farming in Tuchara lead the Cynis Consortium to move into other areas. The Consortium, owns roughly 68% of the top 100 media companies spread across film, television, music, and news, and sponsores roving band of “talent scouts” to search the four corners of creation for the next big thing. The recent aqusition of several successful casinos in western Lord’s Crossing has renewed public interest in the rumors of corruption and organized crime ties that have always plagued the organization.

Iselsi Communications

Iselsi Communications was once the most powerful telecommunications firm in Meruvian, running first telegraph and then telephone lines from coast to coast as well as overseas to distance Meruvian client states. However, their fortunes fell dramatically when one of the CEOs of the company, Edward (Ted) Iselsi, announced his candidacy for the Deliberative in a clear attempt to oust power from the ruling Immaculate Republicans Party. The campaign was long and brutal with personal attacks common from all sides. Edward Iselsi’s chances were finally sunk when information was revealed to the press that he had falsified his military record. Two independent internal probes of Iseli Communication were launched in the months following the election, with charges of racketeering and monopoly violations driving Iselsi Communications into bankruptcy. Even afterwards accusations of “Un-Meruvian activities” hounded the former CEO until he retired into seclusion vanishing from public eye. Since reemerging from bankruptcy, Iselsi Communications has begun to compete in the high end communication market, offering a new faster method of data transfer using motics and least god messengers.

Ledaal High Power Institute

The Ledaal High Power Institute is dedicated to “uncovering the secrets of creation, one mote at a time.” Unlike similar companies, such as Mnemon Biomedical, Ledaal is focused almost entirely on experimental, high end, research and development. They hold a patent on many of the most essential elements of modern computing, robotics, and manufacturing. Their current project involves the construction of a Large Motic Collidor around Mount Meru. It’s goal is to smash two motes together and track the resulting sub-motic particles. Construction on the 55 mile long ring has already begun, despite fears of what the result may be.

Mnemon Biomedical

Mnemon Biomedical is a somewhat puzzling name for this Renaissance conglomerate. Though it’s claim to fame has been the Dragon Blooded Exaltation procedure developed by it’s biomedical arm in partnership with the Heptagram, Mnemon has always sought to be on the cutting edge of research and development, as well as provide high quality technical goods and services. “Mnemon is a name to trust” is a commonly used phrase (thanks to a heavily marketed promotion by Mnemon PR). It is said if you want reliability, quality, and efficiency, go Mnemon. Of course the price may be a little higher and their terms of service will make a tort lawyer go dizzy. Let’s just say there’s a reason why Mnemon is a household name.

The Nellens Foundation

The Nellens Foundation is a nonprofit nonpartisan research group located in Crane Bay and dedicated to preserving the interests of the common man. It draws it support from the “common citizenry” not “the corporate entities.” In practice it draws the majority of its operating funds from sound investment and contribution by many of the most powerful blue collar unions. In return the Nellens Foundation lobby’s the Deliberative for increased federal protection and equal support under the law. In practice, most people consider it just as corrupt as the corporations it purports to oppose. Of course trying telling that to one of the Nellens faithful…

Peleps Shipping and Industries

Perhaps no company within Meruvian is simultaneous as envied and vilified as Peleps Shipping and Industries. Responsible for the manufacture and operation of the majority of the commercial shipping and nautical transportation, Peleps is well know for its aggressive attitude toward its business interests and it’s liberal interpretation of the law. Accusations of smuggling, price fixing, and unfair business practices are an almost daily fact of life for Peleps, a fact that keeps their legal department the premier business law firm in the world. One of their main subsidiaries is a robust consulting agency, that sends highly trained agents to corporations all over the world, advising them in the Peleps way. Not to mention robbing them blind of promising talent and innovative technologies.

Ragara Investments Incorporated

Ragara Investments Incorporated has earned the nickname of the “Imperial Bank” for the size and scope of their investment and banking interests. Eschewing more traditional forms of wealth generation, Ragara Investments has dedicated itself to providing the capital necessary for Meruvian society to function. All of the major Zaibatsu and nearly every publicly traded corporation have large accounts, and large debts owed to Ragara. Ragara Investments has maintained a reputation for reliability, solidity, and tradition for several centuries, and always posts the modest profit growth of exactly 3.0% regardless of other economic conditions. Recent rumors that risky investments and duplicitous accounting practices brought Ragara to the brink of bankruptcy are, of course, totally unfounded. Even if true, no matter, Ragara is so essential to the operation of the Meruvian economy that it is quite impossible for any to happen to it.

Sesus Defense Industries

There is some debate over whether Sesus Defense Industries even qualifies as a Zaibatsu anymore. For years it has been shedding nonmilitary interests to focus solely on defense contracts and military research and development. Over 90% of Sesus’s infrastructure and resources are devoted to and designed for military production, research, and development. This is not to say that they are not profitable or sucessful. Sesus is the premier defense contractor in Meruvia, rivaled only by Tepet Arms. They produce much of the high end explosive ordiance for the first world, and many of the larger personal firearms including rocket launchers, assault rifles, and miniguns. Their most recent coup was the winning of the Meruvian Air Forces fighter aircraft contract for their S-89 Mospid Interceptor. They are also responsible for the construction and refinement of the Meruvian military’s Drone project, including the D-137 Strix class stealth drone.

Tepet Arms

Twenty years ago Tepet Arms was the most successful and innovative defense contractor in the world. Not even their fiercest rivals in Sesus Defense Industries could match the quality or utility of their weaponry. Their Tyrant class Main Battle Tank, produced forty years ago, is still the pinnacle of conventional ground attack forces while their small arms and personal defense devices remain preferred by collectors, survivalists, and special forces world wide. It was widely rumored that their training cadre of elite soldiers, hired purely for weapons research of course, severed as a group of plausibly deniable mercenaries for the allies of the Meruvian government. During the Ranqar Rebellion several years ago, a number of the most promising mid level researchers and executives objected to the Meruvian’s government’s handling of the situation and were unlucky enough to be heard by a local reporter who quoted them. The political fallout from such a public opposition to the war resulted in the loss of several crucial defense contracts, including that for the next generation fighter plane. Fearful of repeating the fate of House Iseli, Tepet Arms’ executive board sacked the offending researchers as well as most of their teams in a paranoid purge. What followed was a massive wave of restructuring that resulted in mass firings, resignations, and consolidations. Many of the most promising researchers immigrated to other countries, mostly Ah-Teng, and founded their own small start up companies.

V’neef LLC

The most recent of the Meruvian Zaibatsu to be recognized as such by the Office of Meruvian Economic Planning, V’neef LLC, is certainly the most diverse and proactive of the major Zaibatsu. It has satellite companies across Meruvia and in its major foreign trading partners and has diversified into Entertainment, biomedical research, theoretical motic and defense contracting. While none of it’s investments have made a major mark in the media, it’s steadily growing profit margin has brought it to the attention of the major investors, much to the displeasure of the older Zaibatsu.

Other Organizations

International League

The International League is a formal alliance between most mortal nations across creation. It provides a unified framework for planning the war against the spirit-led rebellion, and for defending creation against the occasional wyld incursion. Though it’s charter provides for the ability to use military force to ‘stabilized and restore order’ to any nation in creation, that particular clause has never been used except to implement regime change in unsupportive threshold nations.


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