Incomparable Iron Rectitude

Title Adapting Modern Exaltation Techniques and Motic Theory to Create a More Efficient Process of Exaltation Regulation

Author: Doctor Mnemon Reglus, PHD (Motics, SpecBio), [REDACTED]
Publication Date: [REDACTED] RY 755


The current process by which Exaltation is artificially installed into prospected candidates, the Dragon Blooded project, suffers from serious flaws both conceptually, and practically. Not only is it insufficient to meet the growing needs of the Meruvian government but more importantly [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]. The latest figures demonstrate that the failure rate of Exaltation is over 80.04% while the mortality rate for prospective candidates is over 10.8%. Data leaked and stolen from Ah-Teng and UES, report even higher levels of failure and morality. Each failure or mortality represents a waste of resources, time, training, and gene therapy, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars per failure. Furthermore, statistical analysis and review of current techniques tells us that the variations in those levels is likely to be statistically insignificant for the foreseeable future, baring a major unexpected breakthrough. The high probability of failure represents an unacceptable drain of resources, one that must stop. We need an alternative.

THEREFORE I PROPOSE, to move the study of Exaltation in a new direction under the plan I’ve titled INCOMPORABLE IRON RECTITUDE. I propose to take the most modern techniques we’ve derived from the Dragon Blooded process and [REDACTED] and then combine it with the speculative theories of renowned Sub- Motic Physicist Doctor Lucien Liger to develop an entirely new type of Exaltation, which I am tentatively calling Alchemical to represent the fusion of cutting edge traditional technology and the latest applications of Motic theory.

Project Incomparable Iron Rectitude has three main goals, and several secondary goals which I have listed below for your review.
Main Goals

  1. The Exaltation procedure must be applied to any subject with a minimum (less than 3 months) amount of training or preparatory procedures.
  2. The Exaltation must have a rejection rate of less than 45% at final release, eventually reducing to the more acceptable level of 95% within the next 15 years.
  3. The Exaltation must be recoverable from a recipient in such a way that it may be reused in the procedure with little or no preparation.
  5. Exaltation must grant comparable or superior power to that of current Dragon Blooded Techniques


  1. Significantly increase the relative abilities of the Exaltation in comparison to Dragon Blooded
  2. Specific abilities (HEREBY refereed to as CHARMS) must be modular in design and installation, controled by an external party if need be.
  3. Serve as the primary troop for incursions against the Wyld, Divine Rebellion, and External Antagonists.

With your blessing, I, along with my staff, can begin the collection of materials for the construction of the first prototypes within the next 32 days and have a working prototype Exaltation within 97 days. Current procedure is to use Jade as the primary construction material for prototypes and then move onto other more costly materials in order to introduce experimental variation to the Exaltation process.





Incomparable Iron Rectitude

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