Steel Team 6

Project Heading Incomparable Iron Rectitude
Codeword Steel Team
Designation Alpha Chi Epsilon Mew 0206P-EDT
Department Reclamation and Retention
Manufacturer Hyde Foundation
Liaison Officer Stanley Wright
Base Scientist Professor Peneju Aron
Maintenance Chief Gunther Shu
Base Hyde Industrial Park, Eagle’s Launch
Grade Delta
Status Mobilizing


The sixth of the seven teams of Generation 2 Alchemicals created as part of the expansion of Project Incomparable Iron Rectitude. Steel Team 6 has been assigned to work as part of the Federal Office of Reclamation and Retention (Effectively Enjoys Backing •• Office of Reclamation and Retention), utilizing their augmentations and enhanced abilities to assist the Meruvian Government. Thanks to the support of the Hyde Foundation, Team 6 enjoys an higher than average level of technical support both in terms of maintenance and prototype hardware (Effectively Enjoys Backing •• Hyde Foundation).

Allocated Resources

The Hyde Foundation is furnishing all maintenance, repair, and upgrade costs for Steel Team 6. In addition the Reclamation and Retention office has provided ample military hardware. Team members are lodged in a suit of apartments within the complex (Resources ••• living conditions but may requsition up to Resources ••••• Weaponry from their Liason Officer).

  • RY 768
    • July 31 – Steel Team 6 is officially declared ‘Active’
    • July 17 – Steel Team 6 is transferred from the Hyde Foundation to Meruvian Federal Office of Reclamation and Retention.
    • July 10 – Official Creation of the Steel Teams, assignment of Generation 2 Alchemicals to the Steel Team Program
      June 17 – First batch of Generation 2 Alchemicals completed.
    • May 14 – Exaltation of production type Generation 2 Alchemicals begins
  • RY 768
    • December 31 – Candidate training begins for Generation 2 Alchemicals
    • December 1 – Covert Recruitment of candidates begins
    • July 17 – Weeding process begins pairing down potential recruits for the program
    • January 1 – Initial search for potential Generation 2 candidates begins
  • RY 766
    • Generation 2 Test Types begin trials.
  • RY 765
    • Generation 2 Prototype is activated
  • RY 760
  • RY 757
    • First Alchemical Exalted is created.

Steel Team 6

Steel Team 6 Akodobob