Reclamation and Retention

Alexander Lapaxo, Head of Reclamation and Retention
Based in Eagle’s Launch

The office of Reclamation and Retention was former circa RY 412 by her Imperial Empress Shelia III in consultation with her Deliberative. It was spun off from the Dominion Oversight Board with the following mandate.

Oversee the integration and supervision of Gods, Spirits, God-blooded, subhumans, and all other nonhuman entities cohabiting on this great island of Meruvia or it’s surrounding interests.

In theory it is simply supposed to manage a catalog of divine records, with information about the names, locations, and sponsors of those Gods, Spirits, and other loyal supernatural creatures that have found gainful employment and patronage within Meruvian. Once registered with the Office, each god is granted a renewable license and work permit, and then is more or less treated, legally, like human citizens. In practice, licenses expire, gods move or break the terms of their patronage and generally complicate the whole matter. Add to that the fact that the Divine Rebellion casts an air of distrust over all nonhuman denizens, one that can lead to divine/mortal conflicts; conflicts that can be both petty and serious.

Thus the Office of Reclamation and Retention acts more like a Parole Office or Department of Homeland Security than it does a library or bureaucratic office. It’s plainclothes agents are constantly keeping an eye on their divine charges, making sure licenses and permits are up to date, information is accurate, and there are no…entanglements. Traditionally they have drawn on heavy support from their sister agencies, especially the Dominion Oversight Bureau, and Strike Force Zero, to whom they farm out missing person and violent act cases.

They are currently partnering with the Hyde Foundation to see if a small force of Alchemicals can alievate their need to draw on outside support for their various functions.

Recent History:

The Office of Reclamation and Retention has suffered from a series setbacks, both public and private over the last dozen years.

When the Dragon Blooded project proved successful and Exaltations began to be administered in bulk, the Office of R&R argued that the Dragon Blooded fell under their sphere of influence. They applied considerable pressure in both the Deliberative and the media in support of that belief. Unfortunately their effort was doomed to fail. Dragon Blooded were not supernatural creatures like the rebellious trickster gods, they were humans, granted the pinnacle of human engineering, and any effort to claim otherwise would contradict the narrative Meruvia wanted to relate. Legislation was passed unanimously within the deliberative that specifically recognized the Dragon Blooded as human heroes. The repercussions of this very public failure were insidious. Unexpected funding shortages, political slights, and a sudden sluggishness of inter-agency cooperation has plagued the office since. And although public opinion of the R&R has not changed significantly, what little good will the office built up over the years was more or less wiped out.

Tensions between the agencies are high and have been growing steadily. Strike Force Zero and the Dominion Oversight Bureau have taken advantage of the office’s lack of political clout to usurp many of their responsibilities. Rogue gods are sometimes pacified without the office’s knowledge, while the office’s databases are tapped by DOB to round up the usual suspects.

Reclamation and Retention

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