Population: 4,259,405
Area: 4,036 sq mi 
GDP: $328,185,230,768
Government: Monarchy King Ranqar XXXIV


The tiny state of Ranqar lies beyond the threshold, and, some say, beyond civilization. Led by an infamously decadent royal family, it’s remarkable level of prosperity and foreign investment is due solely to the vast caches of precious materials, rare earth metals, and gemstones that lie within its borders. Though currently in the process of rebuilding after a brutal civil war, life has returned to normal in Ranqar city, aside from the occasional terrorist attack.


Ranqar enjoys a considerably higher amount of wealth and foreign investment than its size or location would normal imply. This is due to it’s tremendous cache of rare earth metals, gemstones, precious metals, and other magical materials. It produces a high percentage of the world’s naturally mined jade and orichalcum, as well as certain elements and gemstones essential for high motics research and production. As such nearly every Meruvian Zaibatsu has established interests and investments here, as have many of their counterparts in Ah-Teng, UES, and even those from Varangia and Calin. It’s Meruvian trained foreign minister and economic planners have spun a careful web of regulations, treaties, and under the table handshakes to ensure that Ranqar receives its fair share of the wealth being exported from its borders. Unions and nationally affiliated organizations are taxed and regulated into nonexistence through a series of post-revolt “reforms.” The majority of it’s natural born citizens receive a small living stipend and welfare safety net, installed to prevent further rebellion. However the majority of its residents are foreign born workers employed to work in Ranqar mines for poor wages and with little safety or regulation.

The Rebellion

Five years about the nation-state of Ranqar experience a nation-wide rebellion led by their mining union, Ranqar Workers United. Though portrayed in the media as a small insurgency sponsored by Divine instigators, the truth is less clear. Ranqar’s royal family was exceedingly unpopular with the majority of the citizenry, who were poorly treated and exploited. The rebels seized control of 80% of the mines and outer land, laid seige to the capital of Ranqar, Ranqar City, and robbed foreign businesses, They demanded the overthrow of the current government and the imprisonment of the Ranqar royal family for “Crimes agains the people.” The initial phases of the rebellion took eight months of brutal fighting between rebel forces and Ranqarian troops, and a siege looked inevitable until foreign, Meruvian, “peace-keepers” arrived to help restore order.

Operation “Jade Retribution” took 13 hours to reconqor Ranqar City and establish a perimeter to restore the old government to power. Over the next two weeks, a series of decisive one sided engagements throughout the country quickly suppressed the remainder of the rebellion, though the last rebellion stronghold withstood several months of shelling and assaults, and only a specially tasked group of Dragon Blooded commandos managed to break through their defenses and end the rebellion officially.

The price for these peace-keepers were a number of political and military concessions. A permanent Meruvian military base was established south of Ranqar city and is fully staffed at all time. In addition, certain reforms were enacted to protect Ranqar’s citizens from the more gross abuses of power (hence why most Ranqar miners are now foreign nationals).

Despite the “victory” and execution of the rebellion’s leaders, a small gureilla insurgency still exsists, mostly within the population centers, that carries out acts of sabotage and vandalism throughout the nation, usually nonviolent. The Meruvian military will respond to the more violent or aggressive outbursts, but normally leaves the Ranqar police to deal with any terrorist threat not aimed at it’s base.


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