Hyde Foundation

Anthony Hyde, CEO
Rating: Class A Organization

From the Office of Meruvian Economic Planning

  • Profit Index: +83
  • Employment Indicator +20
  • Investment Security: A++
  • Shareholder Satisfaction: A
  • Corruption: B++

The Hyde Foundation is a research and development firm known, in the business, as a semi-governmental institution due to it’s close connection to and reliance on the Meruvian government. The Hyde Foundation earned its reputation through the development of a patent on one of the processes that made the Dragon Blooded Exaltation procedure more cost efficient. Since then, they’ve worked on developing a number of man-machine technological interfaces, including several that have shown promise as cheap high efficiency prosthetics for medical use. It’s role in the development of the Alchemical Exaltation is highly classified, but no one doubts that it was the work of its scientists that made it possible to produce Generation 2 Alchemicals. They may also be the only non-government institution, besides the Heptagram, that is capable of producing an Alchemical Exaltation.

The Hyde Foundation earns the majority of its income from government contracts, such as Incomparable Iron Rectitude as well as from patent royalties. (It is interesting to note that while most countries claim to have developed the Dragon Blooded Exaltation process independently, both the International League and the UEP pay royalties to Meruvian Corporations, including the Hyde Foundation, for use of parts of the process and for technical assistance.)

The Hyde Foundation’s founder and CEO, Anthony Hyde, is renowned for his corporate headhunting techniques, and for his cavalier playboy lifestyle. While many of Hyde’s inventions served as the spring board for their earlier contracts, now he spends his time cherry picking the best talent he can find, and trying to sleep with every woman he can lay his eyes on. An interlude with Ah-Teng commander Hei Meijui, resulted in his hospitalization for “health considerations.” Since then he’s managed the affairs of his corporation from his private residence, communicating with people through video conferencing or private meetings.

Steel Team Program

It is well know to the members of Steel Team Six, that the Hyde Foundation is sponsoring the production and maintenance costs of all the Generation 2 Production Type Alchemicals until the Meruvian government decides to purchase the Exaltations. This includes the bulky installation and maintenance vats used to repair and maintain the Alchemical’s technological parts. Each Team has assigned to it a Scientific Researcher and a team of Technicians whose job it is to monitor the Alchemicals functionality and advise government officials as to their best uses.

Hyde Foundation

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