Alchemicals, Generation 1

Part of Incomparable Iron Rectitude. The first attempt of the Heptagram and the Hyde Foundation to create an artificial technologically based Exaltation. Two prototypes, 5 test types, and 10 production types were eventually created, all using Jade as the primary construction material. Generation 1 Alchemicals were plagued by mechanical difficulties and imbalances that caused the eventual death or damage of the user unless it was removed in time. Eustace Maccabeus and his Iron Band were among the few successful Generation 1 production models.

Alchemicals, Generation 2

Part of Incomparable Iron Rectitude. The second attempt to create artificial Exaltations, this time sponsored by and managed by the Hyde Foundation. Three prototypes and 10 Test types were made before the Steel Team program was authorized and production models went into effect. These models use a variety of magic materials in a more harmonious system, resulting in a far more stable platform. Steel Team 6 is comprised of Generation 2 Alchemicals.

The Counters

A secret fraternal order that serves primarily as a networking opportunity for its members, the Counters have often been accused of secretly manipulating world events. This is almost certainly a gross exaggeration of what is in fact, more of an old boys club and professional organization.

The Divine Rebellion

For as long as history has been written so called “gods” and other spirits have fought to control the world and the lives of its denizens. Year by year, with the advent of new technology and military tactics, the forces of humanity fought back, driving those rebellious spirits to the edges of Creation and the four elemental poles. Claiming to be the official government in exile to this day, they sponsor occasional terror attacks and sabotage efforts aimed at weakening modern governments and eventually reconquering the world. Though their efforts to this day have been unsuccessful, their elemental refuges are too precarious for modern military forces to invade without some assurance of success. Thus began a long stalemate and cold war between the so called “Divine Rebellion” and the forces of man under the International League.


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