Professor Peneju Aron

Irritable Scientist and Cybernetics Specialist


Professor Aron is a Hyde Foundation Cybernetics Specialist and Researcher assigned to over see the operation of Steel Team 6. Specifically he is in charge of their maintenance, repair, and charm installation, drawing on the Foundation’s preexisting stores, as well as building his own. His surprisingly easy going nature belies his quick mind and dedication to improving the Alchemical Exaltation process at nearly any cost. It’s been rumored his charms are more effective than other researchers in the field, but do have a tendency to explode malfunction if not rigorously maintained.

His office is adorned with have finished parts and cybernetic limbs, looking more like an Alchemical graveyard than an office. The fact that he doubles as the team’s medical officer, and has a tendency to view human injuries with the same interest as mechanical failures, have lead to a sharp drop in patients, which perhaps, is what he intended.

Professor Peneju Aron

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