Eustace Maccabeus

Retired Alchemical Officer and Hero of the Iron Band


Eustace Maccabeus was a stubborn, dedicated, and fool hardy man even before he volunteered for the Incomparable Iron Rectitude project. His Jade Augmentations focused primarily on increasing his endurance and visual acuity, resulting in his uniquely shaped eyes. (One of the reasons for his nickname, the goat.) He lead his name, the Iron Band into several incredibly hazardous missions in order to test the effectiveness of the Alchemical Exaltation, and returned from each one successfully and alive. It would be fair to say that the Iron Band’s daring rescue of a Deliberative Member’s daughter secured the funding for the Steel Team Program. In RY 766 he retired from the program, had his Exaltation and augmentations mostly removed and now works part time as a consultant, living off the generous test subject stipend he earned.

Eustace the retiree is an easy going fellow with an apathy that’s almost sad compared to his former heroic status. Still he seems to enjoy peaceful life, and enjoys dispensing wisdom about technical glitches that have been corrected and features that have been removed from the Generation 2 Alchemicals.

Eustace Maccabeus

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