Steel Team 6 is an action thriller game with heavy dashes of such perennial classics as Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol, and Rogue Warrior. Set in the modern day using the Shards of the Exalted Dream setting, creation is a much different place. The Solars never needed the power of the Lunars nor called upon the elemental dragons to give them an army of Dragon Blooded. The Solars victory, however, was shortlived. They faded from the Annals of history and are today less then legend. Man rules modern Creation, keeping the forces of chaos back with automatic fire and cold iron bombs. New innovations in bio-engineering have created the first super soldiers and in labs deep within Meruvian, the a complex harmony of man and machine is beginning to awake. Yet this is not the whole of the truth. In the shadows of reality dark forces guide the fate of the world, darkness claws up from the very doors of death, and somehow, men and woman are beginning to wake up with the power to change the world. You too may have this power, will you use it to destroy the world or to save it?

In our first adventure our heroes take the roles of the newly created Steel Team 6 You play freshly developed Generation 2 Alchemicals assigned to prove their worth (and justify their enormous R&D cost) by working for the Office of Reclamation and Retention. Serving as assassins, spies, bloodhounds and bodyguards these valiant warriors are living the someone’s dream. But secrets surround them, even within the bodies of their closest friends and allies. Why were they made? What is the secret behind their birth? Who is really pulling their strings? They’ll be forced to make a fateful choice, one that will determine not only their fate, but the fates of countless other lives, perhaps all of creation. (for three to five players)

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Steel Team 6

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